Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Texas AgriLife Extension Building, February 2010

Rich Tillman

Rich Tillman, Carl Dodson

Rich Tillman, Carl Dodson

Sandra Smith, Rich Tillman

Sandra Smith, Rich Tillman

Carl Dodson, Rich Tillman, Sandra Smith, Dave Brandes

Phil Huxford, Kirby Rapstein

Rainbo Johnson, Rich Tillman, Clyde Zilliox

Rich Tillman, Connie Stolte

Rich Tillman, Laura Brandes

Rich Tillman, Sandra Smith

Rich Tillman, Sandra Smith

Carole Wenny, Ed Johnson, Carl Dodson

Bill Ray, Rich  Tillman

Carole Wenny, Sharon Trower

Kirby Rapstein

Ed Barrios

Ed Barrios

Dan Sebesta, Ann McLain

Dan Sebesta, Ann McLain, Monica Krancevic, Ed Barrios

Torry Tvedt, Ruth Tvedt

Good Ol' Rich

Sandra Smith, Ed Barrios

Sandra Smith, Ed Barrios

Sandra Smith, Carole Wenny

Rich Tillman Sandra Smith, Paula Craig

Kerry Magee, Jim Glover

Roy Morgan, Sandy Henderson

Al Fedoruk, Billy Heck

Roy Morgan Sandy Henderson, Mary Helen Israel, Laura Brandes

Al Fedoruk, Ed Barrios, Carl Dodson, Kerry Magee

Steve Zilliox, Clyde Zilliox

Donie Stowers, Beverly Straughan

Roy Morgan, Jerry Eppner, Kerry Magee

Unknown, Beverly Bruyere, James "Smitty" Smith

Elaine Crews, Sandy Henderson, Ron Bisbee

Vicky Adams, Bryan Adams, Bill Brown, Torry Tvedt

Sandra Smith

Jerry Eppner, Al Fedoruk

Mary Helen Israel Ed Barrios

Unknown, Larry Lewis, James "Smitty" Smith

Carl Dodson, Dave Brnades

Caro Dodson, Dave Brandes, Denis Mudderman, Ed Johnson

Willie Younger

Debbie Soderman (center)

Dennis Bonnen ( Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives from District 25)

Dennis Bonnen

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